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Xenosaga- Impossible Verse/
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, not even the songs or some of the quotes...
Warning: fighting, no pairing intended, gore, crack, drinking, ect.
This is a collection of oneshots (at least I’m going to try my best so it’ll be so), with the same characters + settings, and best to read them in the order posted.
This is the formula as constructed: Xenosaga + Soul Eater+ Shitsurakuen(Paradise Lost) = This story.

“Oh? Looks like we have a lot of interesting ones this year,” a white-haired man, with red irises smirked as he stared at the freshman of the school, “Come look at this!”
“Wilhelm, I’d advise you best not to kill anyone yet, wait until the second semester,” a figure appeared in front of him, completely clad in red, including his helmet, and sighed.
The cloaked figure stood in the shadow of the room, while Wilhelm hummed as he peered out of the only open window in the suffocating office.
The male hummed sadistically, his lips crawling upward into a smirk, “So, the new ones? Especially the ones with a lot of power, they might become useful.”
“... We have a lot of multiple users this year,” the red one explained.
“Yes, like you, they can use more than one weapon.”
“Oh, and they all wish to obtain Xenosaga, the ultimate power? Are they aware of the fact that they will have to get twice, or as many times needed to obtain that power?”
“...Only too late.”
A short, bright laugh as the white-haired male flicked his hair to the side, “Oh, this will be so very entertaining? Will there determination cut through? Will they all fall through?”
“Apparently, they don’t know who it is they’re supposed to abandon.”
“Oh joy, that means we will have more for the Zohar.”
“Name: Rubedo Jr,” the male stated simply, not really focused on anything, as he yawned, his left, crystal dangling earring clinked against each other while he tilted his head to the side, and then proceeded to scratch his head. “I’m a Technician, my are weapons: Gaignun, Albedo, chaos, and Canaan. I can fight with anyone, really.,”
The mop of fire on his head appeared to be hair, and he looked no older than 10. It might be his how short and skinny he was, or the baby fat on his face. Or perhaps, it was the way he sat on the desk near people that was easily twice his height, and the way his bright blue eyes seemed to twinkle with a bright light that kids wear when they find a new toy.
“Don’t get in our way,” he said.
Kid prodigy, from the rumors that circulated this professor.
“I’ll be teaching basic fighting, hand to hand, and teamwork for you guys.”
The white haired male on the professors left swung his arm out with magnificent grace, before he gave a slow bow down to his hip. A bright grin came upon his face as he tilted his head up, “I am Albedo Piazzolla,” he said, before standing easily over six feet, and looked about 26. “I am a Weapon only to my master, Ru-be-do!” he smiled, and purple eyes glinted dangerously, before leaning against the door to the classroom.
The slightly more newer kids flinched, already scared and trembling.
With a sigh the black haired man stood up, warm emerald eyes grazing the class as he let out a small smile that almost all the girls in the room swayed for, “I’m Gaignun Kukai, weapon, and my master is Jr,” his smiled softened as he stared at the smaller kid at his left, “Let’s get along well.”
The male, who seemed to be twins with the Albedo male, nodded at them, before he rested against the window at the front of the classroom. Majority of the woman in the class sighed happily, while Jr rolled his eyes.
“Ah yes, I’m chaos,” the dark skinned male, who sat at the back left-hand corner said. His almost transparent iced eyes staring gently down at the rest of the class and his white hair glistening in the light, “Like the others, I am a Weapon, and my master is Jr,” he said, very sternly, “And I hope to get along with everyone else.” The dark-skinned male nodded once more, and then, translucent blue eyes locked with ocean blue eyes, the two exchanging a mental conversation, and it ended with chaos giving a soft chuckle, and Jr scoffed.
“Canaan,” fearless, he stood up, his orange hair glowed in the sunlight, as his bored yellow eyes looked around before settling down on Jr, “Weapon, Master: Rubedo,” and with the grace of crow, he flicked his hair out of his eyes. He leaned back against the back right-side of the classroom, eyes promising pain as he mercilessly glared at the students around him.
“Well then, now that the boring part is over, let’s continue, but first, is there any questions, comments, or concerns? Oh yeah, and before I forget,” leaning forward in his podium he continued, “These guys will switch off in during the week, so, don’t get too attached, ‘kay?” he smirked at the last remarked as some of the weapons sighed and rolled their eyes away.
A girl in the back squealed, “Are all of you free, like... single and have no lover and everything?”
Something dark flickered across Jr’s eyes, and the male shrugged instead.
“Uh... yeah, am I going to be asked that all day?” Jr asked, sighing sarcastically and immediately, more girls squealed, and some guys blushed harder.
Jr’s smile twitched as he put his head in his hands and sighed.
He was hoping he wouldn’t get anymore students like this...
“Shion Uzuki, I am a technician, and my weapons are Allen and KOS-MOS. I will not tolerate anything getting in the way of my goals,” she sat down, content on telling the blunt truth to the rest of her class, no matter how rude it may have seemed. But, when a friend in the first couple of rows gave her a ‘thumb-up’ symbol, she smiled back, knowing that she did a good job.
“Er... Um...” the chestnut colored haired guy stood up, seeming to be put in an awkward position, he gulped. “I-I’m a weapon, and I belong to Shion,” he blushed harder by the end of the sentence and sat down on the left side of his master.
“K-KOS-MOS?” now, the teacher-like person just seemed confused.
“I am KOS-MOS, being a weapon, I can only belong to Shion,” her long blue hair matching her bright red eyes as she nodded and sat down on Shion’s right, perfectly unfazed, and perfectly still.
“YOSH! I’m Miyuki, and I’m a technician, my weapon is Togashi, and together, we’re the strongest pair ever!” The brunette added excitedly, “Hi Shion!” she yelled happily before sitting down behind Shion, all a bit too happy.
“Um... I’m Togashi and my master is Miyuki, meaning that I’m a weapon, so... yeah,” he plopped down next to the window behind Allen.
The list seemed to go on and on and on, and at last, they were dismissed, with simple readings to have finished before the next day.
Shion walked out, eager to find her other friends in the school.
“Wait... four weapons?” student number one whispered in astonishment.
“Yeah, and this kid is barely 10!” student number two shuddered.
“On top of that, he’s a fucking professor!”
There were people talking like this all day, everyday, for the past couple years.
Granted, how often do you see a kid wielding four weapons? This leads to the fact that the kid is immensely stupid, or a genius among geniuses.
After all, one can only become a Xenosaga, by consuming 99 souls in a row, followed by a witch’s soul within the time-limit.
A Xenosaga is the ultimate weapon, and the dream of every weapon, to become the best, and one you are the best, there is no backing out, and of course, they must follow their own sets of rules. Rules set by both weapon and technician.
This time process takes decades.
“Hey, Shion! What’s up?” the shorter, red-haired male asked as he turned around to face the girl.
“A-are you okay?” she asked, and gestured to the rest of the students, and Jr automatically took the meaning of her question about the gossips going around.
“Huh? Oh, glad you care, but I don’t,” he said, grinning and shrugging, “So, how are you fairing with the collection of souls?”
“Well, Allen is a bit slow, but we have three souls for him and five souls for KOS-MOS, what about you?” she said, motioning to her two weapons by her side and turning to his.
In this world, there are these things called ‘gnosis’ that take over human’s souls, and thus, become a soul that the technician and their weapon would reap. This was the basic onto collecting the souls for weapons in order for them to proceed to a Xenosaga.
Now there are two choices someone has when they turn gnosis, they become a full gnosis and continue like that, infecting others or getting reaped, or they become crystallized, then broken, never to come back again.
There is one way to counter this crystallization, and one way only.
Most commonly if you are a Xenosaga, or if you are a witch, they were able to turn the crystallized human into a gnosis, to be reaped, and then, turned back to the human they once were.
And then of course, there is, the Zohar. Something that would grant any wish. the stuff of legends that humans can only dream of.
“Oh, the same as before, after all, they are all Xenosagas,” he smirked back.


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